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As a LIFE COACH and an ATTORNEY, DR. BRUNO has unique expertise to help you ELIMINATE CONFUSION and FOCUS on your OPTIONS for:
  • Retirement planning
  • Managing income
  • Investment planning
  • Estate planning
  • Health and Wellness issues
  • Eldercare for aging loved ones 
  • Elder Mediation for family members to make best care options for senior loved ones

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Dr. Bruno will help you LIVE BETTER, MAKE MONEY and/or SAVE MONEY – and backs it up with a FREE phone consultation.

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“Dr. Marilyn Bruno showed me how to tackle strategic issues with logic, organization, and a great sense of humor.  As a fellow Gyno sapiens Boomer, she knew exactly what I was overlooking and showed me how to address it.  She is nothing short of brilliant.”
                                                                                                                                                                         – Laurie Nadel, Ph.D.


VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 JULY 2008 - click here to view
Page 1: Planning for Retirement
Page 2: Caring for the Elderly
Page 3: Volunteering
Page 3: Medicare Enrollment

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 2 AUGUST 2008 - click here to view
Page 1: Encore Careers
Page 2: Attitude is the Key
Page 2: Training for Career Changes
Page 3: Long-Term Health Care
Page 4: What Politicians Aren't Saying

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3 SEPTEMBER 2008 - click here to view
Page 1: Medicare Update
Page 2: Foods to Avoid
Page 2: Investing Tips
Page 3: Have Time on your Hands?

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2008 - click here to view
Page 1: A Real Cure-All: Vitamin D
Page 1: Combating Identity Theft
Page 2: Email Scams on the Rise
Page 3: Investment Update
Page 3: Protect Your Cell Phones!

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 5 NOVEMBER 2008 - click here to view
Page 1: Blame Your Headache on the Shumann Resonance
Page 3: Resources on the Web for Elder Care
Page 5: Testimonial for "VIVIX"
Page 5: Growing importance of Political Action Committees (PACs)

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 6 DECEMBER 2008 - click here to view
Page 1:  Future of Congressional Pharma Oversight 
Page 1:  Heads Up:  Nanotechnology
Page 2:  Retirement Plan Changes for '09  
Page 3:  How to Cure Yourself    
Page 4:  New Year's Resolution:  Get  Your Documents in Order
Page 4:  'Tis the Season to Make Contact with Friends from Yesteryear
Page 5:  And, in the Spirit of Giving, Reasons Why You Should Donate Blood

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1 JANUARY 2009 - click here to view
Page 1:  Networking Tips 
Page 2:  On Line Networking  
Page 3:  Get Psyched Up
Page 3:  Seek Niche Recruiters
Page 4:  Curb Age Bias 
Page 4:  January is National Oatmeal Month

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 2 FEBRUARY 2009 - click here to view
Page 1:  Three Lessons for Retirement Planning
Page 2:  Carpooling Made Easy
Page 2:  Calcium Quiz
Page 3:  Researching Jobs and Employers
Page 4:  Financial Dos and Don'ts 
Page 6:  Confidence Measure?
Page 6:  Telephone Scam Warning: Don't Press 90#

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 3 March 2009 - click here to view
Page 1:  Boomers Back in the Saddle Again
Page 2:  Estate Planning Reminder
Page 3:  Identity Theft - Act Fast to Protest Yourself
Page 4:  New Rating System for Nursing Homes
Page 5:  Time to Refinance your Mortgage?
Page 6:  Medicare Open Season Through 3/31/09
Page 6:
Page 7: "Pack Your Bags" Program for Seniors taking Rx Drugs

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 4 April 2009 - click here to view
Page 1:  Preparing for Job Interviews
Page 2:  Retirement in Shangri La
Page 3:  Who's Hiring Seniors?
Page5:  Health Alert: Drinking Coffee Slashes Risk of Alzheimer's
Page 6:  Advocating for Yourself 
Page 8:  Keyboard Trivia!
Page 8:  Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains
Page 9:  Tax Incentive for First-Time Home Buyers
Page 10:  Economic stimulus package reaches Retirees + Editorial
VOLUME 2 ISSUE 5 May 2009 - click here to view
Page 1:  Internet Tools for Researching and Marketing Real Estate
Page 2:  Online Universities
Page 3:  Tips on How to Boost Savings
Page 4:  Develop Your High-Impact Resume
Page 4:  Social Security Retirement Estimator 
Page 4:  The Seven-Year Pitch
Page 6:  Stretching your Food Budget
Page 7:  Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Page 8:  Airline Charges for Checked Bags, Seats, Food
Page 10:  UCLA Study on Friendship for Women

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 6 June 2009 -
click here to view
Page 1:  Save Money at Home
Page 3:  Tips for Getting a Good Night's Sleep
Page 4: Social Security for Senior Divorcees
Page 4:  Guide to Teaching Overseas
Page 5:  More Trivia to Tease your Brain
Page 5:  Use Caution on Social Networking Sites
Page 6:  Chocolate: No Longer  Junk Food!
Page 7:  Prescription Drug Costs vs Prices
Page 10:  How To Start your Home-Based Services Business

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 7 JULY 2009 - click here to view
Page 1:  Saving Money At Home II
Page 2:  Why Am I Always Tired? 
Page 3: Keeping the Safest Investments Safe 
Page 4: Exercise your Brain
Page 5: Cosmetic Tune Ups 
Page 5:  3 Ways to get more out of Linked In Groups
Page 7:  Employment/Home Business Website 

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 8 AUGUST 2009 - click here to view
Page 1:  Save Money on Personal Care
Page 2:  Getting Fit for Life
Page 4:  Getting Jobs Through the Back Door
Page 4:  The Power of Positive Thinking
Page 7:  How to Raise Your Self Esteem
Page 8:  How to De-Stress Yourself 1-2-3 
Page 8:  Tips for the Home-Based Writer
Page 9:  Freebies
Page 11:  Together Rx Access Card
Page 11:  "Health Tax" on the Insured

click here to view
Page 1:  Loving Life
Page 2:  The Confusing World of Credit Scores
Page 4:  Disease Prevention
Page 11:  Before your Medical Test:  Ask Questions
Page 11:  Twenty Ways to Avoid Medical Errors 
Page 15:  Best Jobs for Seniors 
Page 16:  Social Security freezes COLA increase until 2013
Page 17:  House Approves New Food Safety Law
Page 18:  Medicare Part D Premiums Up in 2010
Page 18:  Don't Buy Couture -- Rent It!

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 10 OCTOBER 2009 - click here to view
Page 1: Health Care Reform and Origin of Rx
Page 2: Personal Fulfillment During Retirement
Page 4: Tips for Reducing Waste and Refuse
Page 8: Consequences of Personal Bankruptcy
Page 10: Your Credit Card Company is Watching You
Page 11: Debt to Income Ratio
Page 13: Twitter 101
Page 13: FDA goes a-Twitter
Page 14: Don't Let Technology Pass You By
Page 15: Reminder: Guarantee on Money Markets Expired
Page 15: Reminder II: Don't Forget Your Flu Shots
Page 15: Saving Money at Home III

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 11 NOVEMBER 2009 - click here to view
Page 1:  What Does Sleep Do for You?
Page 3:  Be a Leader, not a Follower
Page 4:  Websites for Entrepreneurs
Page 7:  Home Care for the Elderly
Page 8:  Medicare: Questions to Ask Your Health Insurance Company
Page 9:  Free download:  The Longevity Shield 
Page 9:  The Five Tibetan Rituals
Page 20: Foreclosure Basics 

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 12 DECEMBER 2009 - click here to view
Page 1:  Holiday Wisdom: Eat your Veggies
Page 2:  Food Safety Warnings
Page 3:  Water is Essential
Page 4:  Great Grains
Page 4:  Escheating Your Assets
Page 7:  Frequent Flier Miles
Page 7:  Keep Your Day Job
Page 8:  Happiness comes with Age
Page 9:  Swine Flu
Page 10:  Medicare reminders
Page 12:  Call to Health Care Activism!!!
Page 14:  Being Safe: List "ICE" on your cell phone
Page 15:  New Year's Resolution

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 1 JANUARY 2010 - click here to view
Page 1: Social Security = 21st Century Oxymoron
Page 2: Open Enrollment for Medicare; Jan-March
Page 2: Identity Theft Update
Page 5: How to Spot a Liar
Page 7: How to Take a Holiday You Cannot Afford
Page 8: BARTER
Page 9: Volunteering = First Step to a Job/New Skills
Page 11: Walking -- A Step in the Right Direction
Page 13 : Post-Holiday Shopping

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 2 FEBRUARY 2010 - click here to view
Page 3: Nutraceuticals and Supplements
Page 4: Budget Reminders
Page 5: Shopping Wisely
Page 6: Understanding Memory Loss
Page 10: Goal Setting
Page 12: Poetry Tour of Washington D.C

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 3 March 2010 - click here to view
Page 1:  Extra Help Available for Medicare Recipients
Page 1: Cash for Appliance Clunkers
Page 3: Surviving an Earthquake
Page 5: Alzheimers 101
Page 12: Free info from AARP:
Page 12: Get Ready for Tax Time

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 3 April 2010 - click here to view
Page 1:  Safe Deposit Boxes
Page 2:  Radon in Your Home
Page 2:  Fit vs. Fat
Page 3:  Keep Up to Date:  The latest on HD VoIP
Page 4:  Movement Afoot to Ban Cell Phones
Page 6:  Ergonomics in your Home Office
Page 7:  Job Search - The Importance of Keywords
Page 9:  April 30 = Deadline to buy a home to get tax credit
Page 11:  New Health Care Bill and You

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 4 May 2010 - click here to view
Page 1:  Making Money at Home
Page 3:  Business Jargon to Avoid
Page 4:  Twitter
Page 4:  Questions to Ask you Docot about Heart Disease
Page 6:  Long Term Care Costs
Page 9:  Out of This World

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 6 June 2010 - click here to view
Page 1:  Heart Healthy
Page 2:  Keeping Organized:  Emails and Calendars
Page 4:   3D effect on your brain
Page 5:  Yoga!
Page 7:  Save Water, Shower with a Friend!    
Page 9:  Saving Electricity
Page 9:  Simple Tips for Remembering Names

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 7 July 2010 - click here to view
Page 1: Aging in Place
Page 5: Household Aides for People with Arthritis
Page 6: Older Drivers - Stay Safe on the Road
Page 6: Q&A about the Shingles Vaccine
Page 8: Chronic Disease and Health Disparities
Page 10: Strategies to reduce Chronic Diseases
Page 11: Hurricane Preparedness
Page 12: Services for Seniors

Volume 3 Issue 8 August 2010 - click here to view
Page 1: Once Again, Is Your Nest Egg Safe?
Page 3: Positive Mood, Positive Life!
Page 5: Blazing Summer Heat:  Protect your Skin
Page 8: Preventing your Risk for Cancer
Page 9: Depositing Paper Checks over the Internet
Page 9: 20 Ways We Are Getting Ripped Off
Page 14:
Page 14: Concussions:  How to Prevent, Recognize and Respond

Volume 3 Issue 9 September 2010 - click here to view
Page 1: Laziness is Costing Your Money
Page 2: Discounts Galore at GroupOn and OnlineCoupon Sites
Page 3: The Real Economic Indicators
Page 4: Study better
Page  : Keeping Foods Safe in and Emergency
Page 16: Longevity Genes
Page   : Beware of the Hotel Scam

Volume 3 Issue 10 October 2010 - click here to view
Page 1:  Take Control of Your Stress
Page 3:  Stepping Up Your Activity for Better Health
Page 4:  Going Green Every Day           
Page 5:  Spotting Signs of Stroke
Page 6:  Memory Proteins   
Page 6:  Body scanners at Airports   
Page 7:  Health Reform Bill - Small Business Grants
Page 7:  Do Not Call Registry

Volume 3 Issue 11 November 2010 - click here to view
Page 1:  Meditation can Improve your Attention
Page 2:  Brain Health, Memory,  Resveratrol,  ageLoc Vitality   
Page 4:  Medicare Open Season
Page 5:  Take Control of Your Asthma
Page 6:  Spicing Up your Workout Routine
Page 7:  FLU Prevention
Page 7:  Our Shrinking World
Page 8:  Halloween's Origins

Volume 3 Issue 12 December 2010 - click here to view
Page 1:  Boomers and Taxes and Retirement Savings, Oh My
Page 2:  Take Control of Your High Blood Pressure
Page 5:  FDA Investigation of CT Brain Scans
Page 6:  MIT Report on Safety of  Airport Security Scanners
Page 8:  Candle Colors Illuminate your Powers
Page 10:  Save Energy and Stay Cozy   
Page 12:  Ten Top Tips for Aging Well   
Page 14:  Tech Flash from the FDA:  Caffeine + Alcohol = Unsafe
Page 15:  Stocking Stuffers - Security Robots
Page 15:  Ring out the Old with a Smile

Volume 4 Issue 1 January 2011 - click here to view
Page 1: New Year: No Time for Procrastination
Page 4: Tips For Boomers Applying for Jobs
Page 5: Motivating Yourself and Others
Page 6: Take Time to Be Together
Page 7: Saving for a Rainy Day
Page 7: How to Live Longer and Have More Fun:  Eat!
Page 8: Diabetes Alert
Page 9: Kidney Disease Alert
Page 11: Google Earth for the Body
Page12: Reinventing the Holidays

Volume 4 Issue 2 February 2011 - click here to view
Page 1:  Long Term Care
Page 2:  You Can Train Your Brain
Page 2:   Unconscious Memories
Page 3:     The 70 Online Sites that
Page 13:   Census dollars at work
Page 13:   Medicare Updates for 2011
Page 15:   Language
Page 15:   Cosmic News -- new Zodiac signs?
Page 16:   Happy Chinese New Year!

Volume 4 Issue 3 March 2011 - click here to view
Page 1:   2010 Dietary Guidelines; Health Tips to Get there
Page 3:   Boomers Take Heed:  The Mad Men are Targeting Us
Page 5:   Light Bulbs 101
Page 8:   Boomers Benefiting Most from Health Care Reform
Page 10:   Medicare Part D Co-Pays and the Dreaded Donut Hole
Page 12:  Communicating About Health With Older Adults
Page 13:  Tax Time
Page 13:  Trends for 2011
Page 13:   2011 Number Magic

Volume 4 Issue 4 April 2011 - click here to view
Page 1:  Focus on Eye Health
Page 4:  Freebies Abound
Page 8:  Medicare Freebies
Page 9:  Free Financial Advice and Tax Preparation
Page 11:  Saving Paper:  Fed Payment to be Electronic by 2013
Page 11:  Aging in Poverty
Page 12:  More Boomers Statistics
Page 13:  Reality TV for Nonagenerians and Centenarians
Page 13:  New NIH/NIA Website:
Page 14:  I am on YouTube!   Search for Coral Gables Television
Page 14:  Old Fashioned Networking Tips
Page 15:  New Instructions for Blocking Name/Phone Number
Page 15:   Radioactivity Fallout

Volume 4 Issue 5 May 2011 - click here to view
Page 1:  The Art of Persuasion
Page 3:  FYI - U.S. Healthcare Expenditures
Page 4:  Medicare Fraud Attacked!
Page 8:  Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
Page 10:  Diabetes Prevention
Page 10:  Back Pain Prevention
Page 11:  Thyroid Disease Prevention in Women
Page 11:  Heart Disease Prevention
Page 12:  Indigestion (Or Worse) Prevention
Page 12:  Alzheimer's Prevention
Page 14:  Community-Based Care Transitions
Page 14:  You Non-Renewable Resource:  Time
Page 16:  Start up you own Website/Update on FaceBook

Volume 4 Issue 6 June 2011 - click here to view
Page 1: Dealing with Difficult Adults
Page 3: The Science of Breath    
Page 3: How to Avoid Burnout
Page 5: Cell Phone Use Affects Brain Glucose Metabolism
Page 7: Aging Halted
Page 8: MediGap 101
Page 9: $750,000 for Preventive Medicine
Page 10: Lower Your Drug Costs
Page 10: Don't Fall Victim to the Latest Scams: Car Jacking, Mirrors, Etc.
Page 11: Eliminate Unsolicited Email, Mail, Phone Calls
Page 14: The Pursuit of Happiness - Link to Dr. Laurie interview
Page 14: Celebrating National Bicycle Month
Page 15:  Safety of Food From Japan

Volume 4 Issue 7 July 2011 - click here to view
Page 1: Medicare under Fire
Page 2: Technology Serving Medicine
Page 3: New Diagnostics to Lower Healthcare Costs
Page 3: IBM to Collaborate with Nuance to Apply Watson Tech to Healthcare
Page 4: Bedside Ultrasound Becomes a Reality
Page 4: Virus-Mimicking Nanoparticles Can Stimulate Immunity
Page 5: Implantable Sensor Tracks Cancer in the Body
Page 6: Computers Can Read Your Emotions
Page 6: Music can soothe the Savage Beast
Page 7: Brain's 'Survival Protein' Discovered
Page 8: Beam me up! And explanation of Schrodinger's Cat!
Page 8: Walking Away from Injury
Page 9: Reminder - Low Energy Light Bulb Safety

Volume 4 Issue 8 August 2011 - click here to view
Page 1: Over 100 and Going Strong
Page 2:  Healthy Sleep Advice
Page 6:  Alcohol Eats Away at Muscle Mass
Page 7:  Medicare Update - What is Covered and Not Covered
Page 10:  Proof that Auras are Real?
Page 11:  FinCEN Advisory Warns against Elder Financial Exploitation
Page 11:  Leaders are Readers, Earners are Learners
Page 12:  Avoid getting ripped off
Page 14:  How to Tell if Someone is Lying

Volume 4 Issue 9 September 2011 - click here to view
Page 1: Congressional Debate on Medicare
Page 2: Medicare Update:  New  Tools on
Page 4: Reminder:  What Medicare Covers and Doesn't Cover
Page 5:   New:  Medicare coverage for Lesbian, Gay, etc. Seniors
Page 5: Technology Heads Up:  Apps, Privacy, Malware
Page 8: Mind Games!
Page 8: Alzheimer's Data
Page 9: Cures for Alzheimer's
Page 9: Checklist After a Disaster
Page 10: More  Scientific Breakthroughs - 3D Printing
Page 11: Photo Album -- Images from Our Lifetime

Volume 4 Issue 10 October 2011 - click here to view
Page 1: Keeping Up on the Issues:  Renewable Energy
Page 3: Population Growing
Page 5: Mother Earth's Replacement
Page 4: Loving Mother Earth
Page 5: Medicare Open Season
Page 6: Medicare Preventive Care and Prescription Drug Coverage
Page 7: What if My Drug Plan Does Not Cover My Medication?     Page 12:  "Anonymous" Plans to Destroy the Web
Page 13: Thoughts Move a Computer Cursor
Page 14: Long Term Care - My interview in the Miami Herald - 9/12/11
Page 15: Shocking Loss of Women in the World

Volume 4 Issue 11 November 2011 - click here to view
Page 1: Financial Planning
Page 6: Medicare Is Not Socialized Medicine
Page 7: Universal Healthcare is Not Socialized Medicine
Page 8: Flu Season
Page 9: Food Safety;   Food Allergies
Page 11: Health Coverage When on Travel
Page 12: 108 Companies Giving Senior Discounts!
Page 16: ReServe - Hiring Retirees at $10/Hour

Volume 4 Issue 12 December 2011 - click here to view
Page 1: Purging your Files or Saving Financial Records?
Page 2: Give Yourself a Break
Page 3: Kicking the Workaholic Habit
Page 4: I Need More Energy!
Page 5: Coffee vs. Chocolate
Page 7: Keep Reading Those Food Labels
Page 7: Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New Technology
Page 8: How to Create a Strong Password, etc.
Page 8: Characters on Your Computer Screen
Page 9: Twitter 101
Page 15: Emoticons are Worth A Thousand Words
Page 16: A Magazine is a Broken iPad
Page 17: Smarten Up your Phones
Page 19: Medicare Premiums and Deductibles for 2012
Page 22: Dance Your Way Into the New Year
Page 22: Ending the Year With a Chuckle

Volume 5 Issue 1 January 2012 - click here to view 1 | click here to view 2
Page 1:  New Years' Resolutions
Page 1:  Living Forever!
Page 2:  The Aging Brain
Page 4:  How Stress Causes DNA Damage
Page 4:   Move More; Weigh Less
Page 6:  Sitting is a Cancer Risk
Page 7:   Focus on Preventing Falls
Page 9:   Safe Storage and Disposal of Prescription  Medications
Page 11: Social Security Spanish Translations
Page 11:  Safety Tips for Young and Old
Page 13:  Protecting Older Investors from Financial Crimes
Page 14:  Peace on Earth

Volume 5 Issue 2 February 2012 - click here to view
Page 1: How to Be More Interesting
Page 5: Science Fiction Predictions for 2012
Page 7: Don't Worry, Be Happy
Page 8: Don't Worry, Be Healthy
Page 13: Retirement Checkli$t
Page 14: Medicare Updates
Page 16: Other Updates: NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card

Volume 5 Issue 3 March 2012 - click here to view
Page 1: You Are What You Grow
Page 2: Our Brains vs. Our Grandchildren's Brains
Page 4: Tips for Remembering
Page 5: Drinking and Thinking
Page 5: Money:  Paper or Plastic -- or Ozone
Page 7: Groupon Gets Competition
Page 7: The Generation Gap Widens
Page 8: Paying for Long Term Care Insurance   
Page 10: NeedyMeds
Page 11: Medicare Update
Page 14: Political Action
Page 14: FDA Safety Communication: Choking Hazard & Serious Injuries with the Spinbrush line of Powered Toothbrushes

Volume 5 Issue 4 April 2012 - click here to view
Page 1:   Long Term Care Insurance   
Page 5 :  State of the Science - "Diabesity"
Page 7:  It's all in Our Mind -- One Mind
Page 9:  Living Longer
Page 11:  Tax Time    
Page 12:  Healthcare Update
Page 14:  Twitter-Speak
Page 15:  Rising Sea Levels
Page 16:  Virtual Travel to the Amazon Basin

Volume 5 Issue 5 May 2012 - click here to view
Page 1: Protecting your Email Address and Phone Number
Page 2: State of the Science:  Alzheimer's
Page 4: Self-Help Against Alzheimer's
Page 5: Pain Management
Page 6: Genomic Research
Page 7: Origins of Life
Page 8: Medicare Update - Appeals, Caregiver Podcasts, Skilled Nursing
Page 0: Debris in Space
Page 10: What Not to Do at a Job Interview
Page 11: Line Dance the Light Fantastic
Page 14: Music is the Cure

Volume 5 Issue 6 June 2012 - click here to view
Page  1:  Hanging on to Your Money:  Finding Ways to Invest, Save
Page  3:  Keys to Success
Page  5:  Technology Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Page  6:  Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure
Page  9:  Planetary Health
Page 10:  Food Safety
Page 12:  Pop a Pill, Raise a Glass to Live Longer
Page 13:  Avoid the Sun -- and Tanning Salons
Page 14:  Medicare Update

Volume 5 Issue 7 July  2012 - click here to view
Page  1:  State of the Science:  Cancer
Page  3:  Breakthroughs for Diagnosing Cancer, Diseases
Page  6:  Cancer Avoidance
Page  7:  Smart Phones Getting Smarter
Page  8:  Chronic Pain Remedies:  Good Lovin' is All We Need
Page 9:   Medicare Update – Programs to Save Money and News Flashes
Page 12: Pandemic Defense
Page 13: Please Change Your LinkedIn Password Today!
Page 14: Please Avoid Eating Tuna
Page 14: Avatar Customer Service at NYC Airports
Page 15:  What a Wonderful World
Volume 5 Issue 8 August 2012 - click here to view
Page 1:   Food is Fuel: What to Eat Before and After Working Out
Page 2:   Preventing Gum Disease
Page 4:   Avoiding Falls
Page 5:   Ageism in Health Care
Page 6:   Therapy is a Click Away
Page 7:   Marketing to your Mood
Page 8:   Our Bionic Future
Page 10: Smart Cars Drive Themselves
Page 11: Internet Regulation?
Page 12: Tempurpedic Discount – 25%
Page12:  Medicare Update - Diabetes
Page13:  Supreme Court Decision and Affordable Care Act
Page16:  Life-Changing Breakthroughs for Cognitive Disabilities

Volume 5 Issue 9 September 2012 - click here to view
Page 1:  Aging is All in Our Head, and Our Genes
Page 6:  The Last Days of Cash
Page 7:  Medicare Coverage During the Donut Hole
Page 8:   Vaccinations for Seniors
Page 9:  StubHub – Last minute ticket deals
Page 9:  Activism
Page 10:  Keeping Food Safe in a Power Outage
Page 12:  Update - Health Savings Plans; Medicare Savings Plan

Volume 5 Issue 10 October 2012 - click here to view
Page 1: Breaking Bad Habits
Page 2: Two New Brain Areas Mapped
Page 3: Communication with Those in a Vegetative State
Page 3: Reinforce  Learning While You Sleep
Page 4: Brain Glucose = Energy Source
Page 4: Let Your Mind Wander
Page 5: Long-Term Female Hormone Treatment Increases Smarts     
Page 6: Diabetes Drug Promotes Brain Stem Cells
Page 6: How Exercise Affects the Brain
Page 6: Technology Putting Art Thieves out of Business
Page 7: Supercomputer Update
Page 8: Medicare Update – Open Season
Page 10: How Women Burn Calories in France
Page 10: Old Time Radio!
Page 10: Dalai Lama’s Message

Volume 5 Issue 11 November 2012 - click here to view
Page 1:  Downsizing
Page 3:  Travel Tips
Page 4:   Moving Checklist
Page 6:  Moving In
Page 7:  Medical Considerations
Page 8:   Identity Theft Update
Page 9:   Autism
Page 9:  DeBunking Myths About Food Safety in the Home
Page 10:  Medicare Update

Volume 5 Issue 12 December 2012 - click here to view
Page 1: END OF THE WORLD TIPS:  Reduce Stress for Mental Wellness   
Page 2: Safety Tips for the Holidays
Page 3: Save Energy and Resources
Page 6: When to start taking Social Security Benefits
Page 14: Medicare Update: Open Season Ends 12/7; 2013 Premiums
Page 17: Help Funding CAT and MRI scans
Page 18: Hospital Safety Scores

Volume 6 Issue 1 January 2013 - click here to view
Page 1: Living Longer – Now an Ethical Debate
Page 2: Anti-Aging Diet
Page 3: Here’s one for your Bucket List: A Moon Walk
Page 3: The Aging Brain
Page 6: Play Games, Stay Young
Page 7: Medicare Update: Hospice; Vaccines
Page 11: Impacts of Childhood Strees
Page 11: Data Dodgers
Page 13: Ring in the New!

Volume 6 Issue 2 February 2013 - click here to view
Page 1: Technology Today
Page 3: Only Your Hairdresser Knows for Sure
Page 3: Harnessing Energy
Page 4: The Internet is Causing Air Pollution!
Page 5: Taxpayers’ Dollars in Outer Space
Page 5: Financial Predictions for 2013
Page 11: Amazing Math
Page 12: Why Do We Drink Champagne on New Years’ Eve?
Page 14: Social Security Update
Page 14: Health Insurance Updates:  Marketplace/Medicaid/ Medicare Advantage Plan Dis-enrollment Period
Page 16: American Taxpayer  Relief Act of 2012

Volume 6 Issue 3 March 2013 - click here to view
Page 1: Beat the Winter Blues/ Seasonal Affective Disorder
Page 3: Your Personal Wellness Report
Page 7: Turning On/Off Physical Sensations
Page 8: Discount Update
Page 9: Standardized IQ Tests    
Page 13: More Food Recalls    
Page 14: Cosmic Happenings
Page 15: Cheap Way to Stop Global Warming
Page 16: Mental Health Coverage Expands
Page 18: Medicare Update  
Page 23: M3554G3

Volume 6 Issue 4 April 2013 - click here to view
Page 1: A Cure for the Common Hangover
Page 2: Estate Planning
Page 5: 3-D Printer Made a Car!
Page 6: 3-D Printer Made Stem Cells!
Page 7: 3-D Printer to Make a Lunar Station!
Page 7: Tips for Extending Life
Page 8: Space Heaters
Page 9: Cephalopod to Keep Our Borders Safe
Page 9: Food Recalls
Page 9: Autism-Alzheimer’s Link
Page 10: The Future of Medicine is Now
Page 12: Medicare Update: Sequester, Rx denials, Bankruptcy, Dashboard
Page 13: Identity Theft
Page 14: Paraprosdokians

Volume 6 Issue 5 May 2013 - click here to view
Page 1: The Legend of the Stork
Page 4: Strolling In the Park One Day…
Page 5: Government Procurement
Page 5: National Volunteer Week
Page 6: Test Your Brain on Your Smart Phone
Page 7: May is Older Americans Month
Page 7: Very Merry Un-Earth Day
Page 8: Keeping your I.D. Safe in Wi-Fi Zones
Page 9: Medicare Update

Volume 6 Issue 6 May 2013 - click here to view
Page 1: Remembering the Fallen
Page 1: Wholesome Foods
Page 3: Craving Sugar
Page 4: Hot Dog Safety
Page 5: Back Pain
Page 8: Hearing Loss
Page 9: Electrofuels
Page 9: Your Money or Your Bitcoin
Page 10: Buying/Selling Real Estate
Page 12: Medicare Update

VOLUME 6 ISSUE 7 - click here to view
Page 1: Keeping up with America
Page 3: Living Longer
Page 7: Print out Your Drugs on a “Chemputer”
Page 7: Immune Response Booster
Page 8: Financial Planning
Page 9: Medicare Update

VOLUME 6 ISSUE 8 - click here to view
Page 1: Editorializing
Page 2: Top 5 Summer Safety Tips
Page 4: Retina Transplants in Mice
Page 5: Rejuvenating Muscles
Page 5: Bioinspired Robots
Page 7: Get your ZZZs
Page 8: Migraines linked to Sleep Disorder
Page 9: Eureka moment
Page 10: Medicare Update
Page 11: Lee Marvin, Captain Kangaroo, Why Mr. Rogers Wore a Sweater

VOLUME 6 ISSUE 9 September 2013 - click here to view
Page 1: Sweat is Good for You
Page 2: How to Spot Skin Cancer
Page 3: Dispelling 5 Money Myths
Page 4: Turning Anxiety Off
Page 5: No More Hypodermic Needles
Page 5: Baby's First Immunizations
Page 7: Personalized Robot Companions
Page 7: Medicare Update

VOLUME 6 ISSUE 10 October 2013 - click here to view
Page 1: The Theft of My Identity
Page 2: Water vs. Coke
Page 4: Vision Changes as We Age
Page 6: How to Use an iPhone to Diagnose Eye Disease
Page 7: Automation
Page 7: Schizophrenia
Page 8: Smart Phones are Getting Smarter
Page 9: Grapefruit
Page 10: Medicare Update

VOLUME 6 ISSUE 11 November 2013 - click here to view
Page 1: Longevity Update
Page 2: More Benefits of Sleep
Page 3: Data Mining our Dreams
Page 3: Viva Liposuction!
Page 4: Buckle Up for Biological Teleportation
Page 4: 3-D Games Improve Mental Skills
Page 5: Managing Diet during the Holidays
Page 8: Gut Microbes Affect Obesity
Page 9: Medicare Update:  Open Season; Flu Vaccine
Page 12: Congressional Vocabulary Lessons
Page 13: Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy
VOLUME 6 ISSUE 12 DECEMBER 2013 - click here to view
Page 1: New Year’s Resolutions
Page 1: Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors
Page 2: Falling Prevention
Page 3: Hormone Replacement Therapy
Page 4: Probiotics Combat Rheumatoid Arthritis
Page 5: Weight Control: Bariatric Surgery
Page 6: Your Finances
Page 10: Rags to Riches - Bitcoins
Page 12: Techie Stuff – The Wolfram Language
Page 14: Medicare Update: Open Enrollment, Eligibility Age, Oral Health

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 1 JANUARY 2014 - click here to view
Page 1: Ring In the New
Page 1: It’s Not About Time; It’s About Energy
Page 3: Improving your Lifestyle Choices
Page 6: Anti-Aging Update
Page 8: Benefits of Vitamin Supplements
Page 8: Your Money
Page 9: Shopping on Layaway
Page 9: Free Shipping
Page 10: Medicare Update
Page 13: Thanks for the Memories
Page 13: 25 Billboards from Science World

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 2 FEBRUARY 2014 - click here to view
Page 1: Self-Driving Vehicles
Page 2: Dermatologists’ Dry Skin Remedies
Page 3: Three Exercise Tips
Page 4: New Addiction Remedies
Page 4: Dealing with Dementia
Page 6: Vitamin E May Delay Decline in Alzheimers’ Patients
Page 7: Growing Human Organs in Pigs
Page 7: Remedies for Concussions
Page 8: Medicare Update
Page 13: Technology Update – the Latest in Emoticons, Slang
Page 14: Maps!

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 3 MARCH 2014 - click here to view
Page 1: Clever Uses of Household Items
Page 2: Keeping Your Home Safe While You Are Away
Page 3: Eight Healthy Eating Goals
Page 3: Avoiding Anemia
Page 4: Boomers’ Chemical Exposure
Page 5: Toxins in Your Bathroom, Closet, Kitchen
Page 8: Social Security’s Tantalizing Offer
Page 9: Medicare Update – Prescription Drug Coverage Problems
Page 9: Financial Assistance for Prescriptions
Page 10: Self-Healing
Page 10: Iconic and Beautiful Scientific Tech Imagery

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 4 APRIL 2014 - click here to view
Page 1: Letters from Readers: Smoke and CO detectors
Page 2: Supersize Boomers’ Burgers?
Page 3: Organic Food Benefits Debunked
Page 4: Spring cleaning
Page 4: Tax Time
Page 5: Your Money Personality
Page 5: Automatic External Defibrillators
Page 6: Smallest Cardiac Pacemaker
Page 6: FDA’s MedWatch
Page 8: Get Social While Getting Fit
Page 9: Medicare Update
Page 12: April 5-12 is National Volunteer Week
Page 12: State of the Future

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 5 May 2014 - click here to view
Page 1: Disaster Readiness - Communications
Page 2: Humans Can Identify over 1 Trillion Smells
Page 3: Physical Activity Brings Bone Benefits
Page 5: How Much Fish Can You Eat Before Getting Cancer?
Page 5: Fishy Labels
Page 6: 3-D Home Printer
Page 6: Growing Spare Parts
Page 7: Start Packing
Page 8: Save the Bees
Page 8: Lawn and Garden Care
Page 9: New Diabetes Drug Approved
Page 10: This is Your Brain on Drugs. Any Questions?
Page 11: Drones Extend the Reach of the Internet
Page 12: Medicare Update: One Head Rolled Over
Page 12: FDA Warns Against Counterfeit Drugs
Page 13: The Origin of Phrases

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 6 June 2014 - click here to view
Page 1: Energy Savings Calculator
Page 2: Mosquitoes 101
Page 4: Allergies and Asthma
Page 8: Pollution Dooming Future Generations
Page 9: Cleantech
Page 10: E-Cigarette Worries
Page 11: Food-borne Illnesses
Page 12: Urban Gardening
Page 12: You Are What You Eat
Page 14: Best Dressed Man on Mars
Page 15: Touchy Feely Robots
Page 16: Aging Well
Page 16: Medicare Update
Page 18: Our Wonder Years

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 7 July 2014 - click here to view
Page 1: Communications
Page 2: Signs of Hearing Loss
Page 3: Don’t Get Burned – UV Ray Warnings
Page 5: And a Word About Redheads
Page 5: FDA’s Reminder on Prescription Drugs
Page 7: FDA’s free Bochures
Page 8: Can You Afford to Retire?
Page 9: No Financial Generation Gap
Page 10: Laser Therapy Regenerates Teeth
Page 11: Lasers could Trigger Rain and Lightning
Page 11: Graphene to Spasers
Page 12: Tick Talk
Page 13: Hidden Dangers in Your Kitchen
Page 14: Medicare Update
Page 16: Vountourism

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 8 August 2014 - click here to view
Page 1: Sunblock Update
Page 1: Global Warming Impact on Oceans
Page 2: Pollution Update
Page 3: Future Investment Opportunities in Smart Cities’ Trends
Page 5: Are you Fit for Travel?
Page 7: Recap: High Blood Pressure Risks and Prevention
Page 9: Recap: Signs and Risk Factors of Stroke
Page 11: Warning Signs of Heat-Related Illness
Page 11: Alternative to Angioplasty and Stents
Page 12: Stem Cells Create Working Blood Vessels
Page 13: Osteoporosis 101
Page 15: And Don’t Forget your Tendons!

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 9 September 2014 - click here to view
Page 1: 10 Tips for Great Sleep
Page 2: FDA warnings
Page 4: Triclosan!
Page 6: You Are What You Eat
Page 9: Quick eyes = Quick Brain
Page 9: New drug for Alzheimer’s
Page 10: Medicare Update
Page 10: Boomer in the News – Ricky Nadel

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 10 October 2014 - click here to view
Page 1: Diabetes in the News – Turn White Fat to Brown Fat
Page 2: Potential Diabetes Drug Target
Page 3: Hormone Treatment for Diabetes
Page 3: The Brain in the News – Brain Atlas
Page 4: Anti-Aging Gene Enhances Cognition
Page 4: The Human Proteome
Page 5: Receptor involved in Brian Disorders
Page 5: Brain Injury
Page 6: Medical Technology
Page 9: Powering our Bionics
Page 9: Robot is Touchy-Feely
Page 10: Medicare Update: Coordinating Healthcare, Needymeds Update
Page 14: Save the Date – 11/12 – Comet Landing

VOLUME 8 ISSUE 2 FEBRUARY 2015 - click here to view
Page 1: Global Warming - What You Can Do About It
Page 2: Curb Population Growth!
Page 3: We are Exposed
Page 4: For us Ladies: Post-Menopause
Page 5: Abra Cadabra – New Ways to Lose Weight
Page 5: Immunotherapy – Nip Cancer in the Bud
Page 6: Bye Bye Hair Club for Men; Hello Stem Cells
Page 7: Avoid Higher Dementia Risks
Page 7: Medicare Update: An Ounce of Prevention

VOLUME 8 ISSUE 3 MARCH 2015 - click here to view
Page 1: Travel While We Can
Page 2: Wash Your Hands
Page 3: Cancer On the Rise
Page 4: Environment Shapes our Immune System
Page 4: Disposable Batteries
Page 5: Climate Change Impacts Mental Health
Page 9: “Super Ager” Brains
Page 10: Penta-Graphene
Page 10: Black History / Women’s History
Page 11: Vaccines – No Debate From Me
Page 13: Medicare Update
Page 14: ObamaCare Scorecard

VOLUME 8 ISSUE 5 MAY 15 - click here to view
Page 1: Alzheimer’s Cause
Page 2: Water Flouridation Dangers
Page 2: Pesticides in our Food
Page 6: Dermatologists Share Skin Care Tips
Page 8: Blood Pressure Control
Page 8: Planning for Travel
Page 11: Medicare Update
Page 11: On a Tragic Note: Mother Earth
Page 11: On a Happy Note: National Pi Day
Page 12: Mother’s Day
Page 13: Gerber Babies

VOLUME 8 ISSUE 6 JUNE 2015 - click here to view
Page 1: 60 is the new Middle Age
Page 2: Getting enough Sleep?
Page 3: Nature Knows Best
Page 4: Fiction to Fact
Page 5: Facts! Facts! Facts!
Page 9: Longevity Pills
Page 9: Artificial Grass
Page 10: Allergy Season
Page 12: Medicare Update

VOLUME 8 ISSUE 7 JULY 2015 - click here to view
Page 1: Muscle Cramps
Page 6: Climate Change and Your Cup o; Joe
Page 7: Beware of Browned Reheated Food
Page 8: Fred Kummerow is Our Hero
Page 9: Modern Food Packaging Makes us Fat
Page 10: Babies are More Vulnerable
Page 10: Sportswear Can Make us Fat
Page 12: Temporary Tattoos
Page 13: Medicare Update
Page 14: The Red Baron and His Flying Circus

VOLUME 8 ISSUE 8 AUGUST 2015 - click here to view
Page 1: Going Green at Home
Page 2: The "Naked Ones"
Page 3: Earth Shattering News from Outer Space
Page 4: Oops  - We Miscounted Galaxies
Page 5:  Our New Galactic Cousin
Page 5:  Dust Linked to Obesity
Page 6: Pollution to Bling
Page 6: Population Predictions
Page 7: Florida - You are Not Alone
Page 8: How To Lose Weight Without Cutting Calories
Page 10: Keeping Cool
Page 12: Beach Blanket Bunko
Page 12: 3-D Voyage through a Mouse's Brain

VOLUME 8 ISSUE 9 SEPTEMBER 2015 - click here to view
Page 1: Olympics Mucked Up
Page 1: Ice is Nice
Page 2: Heat Wave
Page 3: Earth Overshoot Day
Page 4: Will Your City be Under Water?
Page 5: The Eyes Have It
Page 5: Speaking of Eyes
Page 6: Dementia is Deadly
Page 6: Killer Caffeine
Page 8: Update Your Car First Aid Kit
Page 8: Are Reverse Mortgages Right For You?
Page 9: Jon Stewart Defends the Environment
Page 10: A Really Big Shew

VOLUME 8 ISSUE 10 OCTOBER 2015 - click here to view
Page 1: Life Expectancy Rises – Good and Bad News
Page 2: Choose your Poison
Page 3: Supplements – What’s In and Out
Page 4: Lose Sleep – Catch a Cold
Page 5: Robo-Mom
Page 5: I Think Therefore I Am
Page 6: World Trade Center Cough
Page 8: Burning Man
Page 9: Ozone on the Move
Page 10: Medicare Update
Page 12: Dr. Wayne Dyer
Page 12: New Proposed Rule for Long Term Care

VOLUME 8 ISSUE 11 November 2015 - click here to view
Page 1: Losing Weight Is Getting Harder
Page 3: Chocolate Is Good For You
Page 5: Bye Bye Pizza Pie
Page 8: Put Them All Together, They Spell Mother
Page 9: Join Boomer Swimming Around The World
Page 10: Flush At Your Own Risk
Page 11: Bees and Our Nutrition
Page 12: Medicare Update
Page 13: Social Security Update
Page 13: How to Start an Ecosystem
Page 13: Reminder to Get your Flu Shot

VOLUME 8 ISSUE 12 December 2015 - click here to view
Page 1: New Years’ Resolutions
Page 3: Flush At Your Own Risk
Page 5: Top Tech Tends Through 2020
Page 8: Rise of the Nano Machines
Page 8: Best Holiday Presents
Page 9: Giving Back
Page 10: Surging Seas
Page 11: Welcome to My World
Page 12: Medicare Update
Page 13: Let’s Not Forget Old Acquaintances
Page 15: Some Thoughts for the New Year

VOLUME 9 ISSUE 1 January 2016 - click here to view
Page 1: Start the Year with Music
Page 2: Gut Feelings about Antibiotics
Page 2: Speaking of AntiMicrobial Resistance
Page 3: Hollywood “Reality”
Page 3: It Must Be Real -- I Saw It On the Internet
Page 5: Brain Train
Page 6: Or Just Get Up and Walk
Page 7: I’m Gonna Live Forever, I’m Gonna Learn How to Fly
Page 8: Pep Pills
Page 9: Banned Beads
Page 9: Spying on Cancer Cell Invasion
Page 11: Medicare Update
Page 12: No 2016 Social Security Increase Inspires Ten Terrible Money Jokes

VOLUME 9 ISSUE 2 February 2016 - click here to view
Page 1: Our World
Page 5: Sponge Bikini Wins First Prize
Page 5: The Proof is In the Pudding
Page 7: New Ideas for Curbing the Population
Page 8: Teeny Bopper TV Habits
Page 8: Speaking of TV
Page 9: Pizza Box Tox
Page 9: 2015 Year End Environmental “Green” Quiz
Page 10: Medicare Update
Page 11: Time’s a-Flyin’
Page 11: The Orbiting 5
Page 12: Planet Nine
Page 12: - Dan Rather “Courage Under Fire”
Page 13: Valentine’s Day 101

VOLUME 9 ISSUE 3 March 2016 - click here to view
Page 1: Radon
Page 2: New Dietary Guidelies
Page 3: Something Fishy
Page 4: Expiring Household Items
Page 6: The Big C in 3-D
Page 6: Detecting Heartbeats Remotely
Page 6: Symptoms of Heart Attack
Page 7: Deskersize
Page 8: Take Me To Your Leader
Page 9: Healthy Teeth and Gums
Page 10: Edgar Mitchell
Page 11: Respect the Breast
Page 12: Credit Card Fraud
Page 13: An Ounce of Prevention
Page 13: Medicare Update
Page 14: One World Observatory
Page 14: Our Sky

VOLUME 9 ISSUE 4 April 2016 - click here to view
Page 1: Social Security 4/29 Deadline for “File and Suspend”
Page 3: Ditch the Teflon
Page 5: Spring Cleaning
Page 6: Counting Calories -- Whatever They Are
Page 9: Your Daily Limit of Artificial Food Coloring
Page 10: Beauty is Skin Deeper
Page 11: Folding Flat to Fabulous
Page 12: Brain Teasing
Page 13: Medicare Update
Page 14: Goosebumpy!
Page 15: Barefoot in the Park

VOLUME 9 ISSUE 5 May 2016 - click here to view
Page 1: Protect Against Zika Virus
Page 3: Gut Feelings
Page 6: Plastics Can Be Poison!
Page 6: Cosmetics Can Be Poison!
Page 9: Prevent Back Pain
Page 10 Sleep Your Way to Skinny
Page 10: 10 Ways to Avoid Fraud
Page 13: Pros and Cons of Recycling
Page 14: Pros and Cons of Planting More Trees
Page 15: Wild and Wooly
Page 15: Inspiration for Geezers With Dance Fever
Page 15: Inspiration from Out of This World

VOLUME 9 ISSUE 6 June 2016 - click here to view
Page 1: It’s Alive!!! It’s Alive!!!
Page 2: Mind Tricks
Page 3: Soak Your Fruits and Veggies
Page 5: Baby Powder Heartache
Page 6: Drug Disposal Guidelines
Page 7 Language of Sparrows
Page 9: Climate Refugees
Page 10: Cell Phones and Cancer
Page 11: Husser’s Hints for College Success
Page 11: Last Greatest Show with Elephants
Page 13: Love Our Oceans

VOLUME 9 ISSUE 7 July 2016 - click here to view
Page 1: Sun Damage Alert
Page 2: Heat Stroke 101
Page 4: Air Quality at Home
Page 5: Our Planet’s Changing Atmosphere
Page 6: Nanoparticles to the Rescue
Page 7: Deskersise
Page 8: Staying On Your Diet While On Vacation
Page 9: Horizon Scanning
Page 10: 3d Printing
Page 10: Investment Panorama
Page 11: Get Your Kicks on Route 66!
Page 12: Warning: Your Hospital May Kill You
Page 13: Medicare Update
Page 15: May the Fourth Be With You
Page 15: Roll Over Beethoven

VOLUME 9 ISSUE 8 August 2016 - click here to view
Page 1: Pollution Ages our Skin
Page 3: Toxic Chemicals We Live With
Page 7: Five Questions for Buyers of an Electric Car
Page 9: Cyber Security Check List
Page 10: Secret Conversations Possible on FaceBook
Page 10: Blowin’ in the Wind
Page 11: Putting Your Affairs in Order

Volume 9 Issue 9 September 2016 - click here to view
Page 1: Have Another Cinnabon
Page 2: Soy Sauce Warning
Page 3: Zing Zing Zing Went My Heartstrings
Page 4: The Postman Doesn’t Ring At All
Page 4: Kidney Disease
Page 5: Take with a Grain of Salt
Page 7: Astronaut Food
Page 7: Indoor Plants Offset Air Pollution
Page 8: Social Security’s Security
Page 9: Best Bug Sprays Against Zika
Page 10: Medicare Update - When the MOON Hits Your Eye
Page 12: Long-Term Care Insurance
Page 13: Paraprosdokians

Volume 9 Issue 10 October 2016
- click here to view

Page 1: Natural Insect Control
Page 2: Au Revoir Le Plastique
Page 3: Plastic Pollution
Page 3: Fighting Off the Fat
Page 8: Stopping the Aging Process
Page 9: The Salty Seas
Page 10: Techies Can Read our EQ
Page 11: Back Up Everything Now!
Page 11: Medicare Update
Page 12: Active Shooting Preparedness
Page 13: Treehouses from Around the World

Volume 9 Issue 11 October 2016
- click here to view

Page 1: Vitamin D Deficiency
Page 2: Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Our Food
Page 2: Getting ready for Fall
Page 4: Preparing for a Pandemic
Page 5: First Step Towards Saving the Planet
Page 5: Medicare Update
Page 10: Catch the Gravitational Wave
Page 11: Ten Places to See Before They are Gone
age 12: Drone’s Eye View

Volume 9 Issue 12 December 2016
- click here to view

Page 1: Resolution 1 - Health
Page 3: Resolution 2 - Exercise
Page 3: Resolution 3 - Brain Rejuvenation
Page 5: Resolution 4 - Sound Investing
Page 8: Resolution 5 - Get Enough Property Insurance
Page 10: Resolution 6 - Travel
Page 11: Resolution 7 - Protect Yourself
Page 11: Resolution 8 - Sharing
Page 12: Resolution 9 - Spiritual Health
Page 12: Resolution 9 - Spiritual Health
Page 14: Resolution 10 - Stay Up to Date on Medicare
Page 15: Our Future

Volume 10 Issue 1 January 2017
- click here to view

Page 1: Penmanship for 2017
Page 2: Roof of the World
Page 3: Environmental Trends for 2017
Page 4: Eau de Extinction
Page 5: Water Water Everywhere
Page 6: Unclean Subject
Page 7: Pucker Up
Page 8: “Huh” Moments in Science
Page 9: Medicare Update
Page 11: Save the Date - August 21, 2017

Volume 10 Issue 2 February 2017
- click here to view

Page 1: Combating Cancer
Page 2: Exercise Lowers the Risk of Cancer
Page 3: Ideal Weight Calculations
Page 5: More Reasons to Avoid Processed Food
Page 6: Is It Really FDA Approved?
Page 11: Itsy Bitsy Replaces Popping Pills
Page 11: Bringing Coal to Newcastle
Page 12: Silk Road is Back
Page 13: First Ladies in the Kitchen
Page 15: Medicare Update
Page 15: Barbie

Volume 10 Issue 3 March 2017
- click here to view

Page 1: Sea Air
Page 2: Sea Soundscapes
Page 3: Love that Fast Food and Cuppa?
Page 4: Protect Yourself from Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
Page 6: Don’t Forget Your Vision Health
Page 7: Identity Protection 101
Page 8: Communicating for the First Time
Page 10: Your Clothes are Toxic to Marine Species
Page 11: Medicare Update
Page 12: Pursuit of Happiness
Page 13: Romance

Volume 10 Issue 4 April 2017
- click here to view

Page 1: Tax Time = Household Review Time
Page 4: Spring Forward With Spring Spiffying
Page 8: Brain Health
Page 9: Men Aging
Page 9: You are What You Eat
Page 10: More Bad News on Fast Food
Page 11: The Fabric of Our Lives
Page 11: Recycling Food
Page 12: Medicare Update
Page 12: We Are All Survivors

Volume 10 Issue 5 May 2017
- click here to view

Page 1: Sweet as Sugar
Page 4: I Think Therefore I am
Page 5: Bill of Rights for the NeuroRevolution
Page 6: Driver Safety
Page 7: 50-Year Old Spy Photos Document Climate Change
Page 7: 420 = Potheads Favorite Number
Page 9: Medicare Update
Page 10: Musings on Earth Day
Page 11: Money Makes the World Go Around

- click here to view

Page 1: Will Rogers
Page 1: Weighty Matters
Page 3: Tribal Lands
Page 3: Aircopolypse
Page 4: Ice is Nice
Page 4: I’m All Ears
Page 5: End Gridlock - Ride Ferries
Page 7: Cat’s 9 Lives
Page 10: Deodorant Health
Page 10: Medicare Update
Page 11: Naming the Band
Page 11: Decoration Day "

- click here to view

Page 1: Wrinkles Be Gone
Page 2: Pop Up Food
Page 3: Mosquito, the Movie
Page 4: Asthma on the Rise
Page 4: Ozone on the Decline
Page 5: Will Our Government Save Us?
Page 7: United Counties of California
Page 8: China to the Rescue
Page 9: Music Rehabilitates the Brain
Page 10: Banking on Frozen Assets
Page 11: All that Glitters
Page 11: Chocolate Stops Deforestation
Page 12: Medicare Update
Page 12: How old is America?

- click here to view

Page 1: Emergency Preparedness
Page 3: Endocrine Disruptors
Page 4: Is Nothing Sacred?
Page 5: Sorry Charlie
Page 7: Why Whales are Hit by Ships
Page 7: New Continent: Plastidonia
Page 9: Because it is There
Page 10: Breaking News -- a Sad Pun
Page 10: H2-uh oh
Page 12: Jiminy! You are What Your Eat
Page 13: Medicare Update
Page 13: Eclipse!
Page 13: Time Travel

- click here to view

Page 1: National Coffee Day
Page 2: Discount on Lyft
Page 3: “Exascale” Brain Performance
Page 4: Seeing Through the Body
Page 5: New Roof Technology is Very Cool
Page 5: Medicare Update
Page 7: Indian Head Nickel
Page 7: 1944 Then 2014

- click here to view

Page 1: Little Old Clockmakers Share Nobel Prize
Page 3: Eat Here, Get Gas
Page 4: Brain Training
Page 5: Ignorance is Not Bliss
Page 6: Bugs Be Not Gone
Page 7: Protect Your Identity
Page 7: Medicare Update
Page 11: Veteran’s Day
Page 14: Robin Williams as the American Flag

- click here to view

Page 1: Pass the Stuffing
Page 2: Sounds Fishy
Page 4: Longevity
Page 5: Dancing Bacteria
Page 5: Health Literacy
Page 7: Our Planet
Page 7: Walter Mitty Was a Genius
Page 8: Medicare Update
Page 8: Caregivers
Page 9: New Tax Bill Pushing Forward
Page 12: Finally, Happy New Year!

- click here to view

Page 1: Impacts of New Tax Reform

VOLUME 11 ISSUE 2 DECEMBER 2018 - click here to view
Page 1:Crypto Currencies
Page 3:No Currency, No Lines, No Checkout
Page 3:Top Pharma Inventions in 2018
Page 5:I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up
Page 5:Under the Radar - Climate Refugees
Page 7:Hooray for Saving Water
Page 8:Doomsday Clock 
Page 10:Medicare Update
Page 10:74 Scientific Facts that Blew our Minds in 2017
Page 14:Fundraiser for Bella and her Dad  

VOLUME 11 ISSUE 4 April 2018
- click here to view

Page 1: Nice Guys Finish Last
Page 3: Promising Vaccine Shrinks Tumors
Page 3: Artificial eye sees All
Page 4: Reading Minds
Page 4: The Last Straw
Page 5: Pollution
Page 5: Aargh Jean Lafitte
Page 7: Singularity
Page 9: Medicare Update
Page 10: Lost and Found
Page 11: National Women’s History Month
Page 11: Spring Break
Page 11: Overcoming the Odds!

VOLUME 11 ISSUE 5 May 2018
- click here to view

Page 1: One Health
Page 3: I Thought I Thought Therefore I Was
Page 3: My AlterEgo’s Wish is My Commands
Page 4: Brain Memoire
Page 5: Touchless Phone
Page 5: Smile Though Your Heart is Breaking
Page 6: Stress Takes its Toll
Page 7: Dr. Laurie’s Five Gifts
Page 7: National Social Security Month Came and Went
Page 8: Medicare Update
Page 9: Barbara Bush
Page 10: Are Spell Cheque

VOLUME 11 ISSUE 6 June 2018
- click here to view

Page 1: Recycling E-Waste
Page 4: I’d Walk a Mile for an E-Cig
Page 5: Breathing Could Be Harmful to your Health
Page 6: BioMedical Breakthroughs
Page 8: Fall Protection Toolkit
Page 15: Water for All
Page 16: Cryptocurrencies Are the New Gold
Page 17: Medicare Update - Malpractice
Page 18: Flying Cars
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